New anti-smoking ads are scaring people into quitting

Tweet The CDC here in Atlanta a few days ago issued a news report indicating the new scary non-smoking ad is having its effects on smokers. The ad shows a woman without fingers and a man without his lower legs indicating that these were caused by smoking. Buerger’s disease is a disease caused when the arteries and the veins become blocked and causes infection, which can result in amputation. Virtually, everyone diagnosed with this disease used ... Jump to full article >>

Sperm of smoking dads can hurt child DNA

Tweet BRADFORD, England – Men who smoke before conception can damage the DNA of their offspring in the womb that may give him or her a higher risk of disease, British researchers say. Diana Anderson of the School of Life Sciences at the University of Bradford in England, and colleagues found evidence showing why men should be urged to stop smoking before trying to conceive in the same way women have been urged to quit tobacco. A fertile spe ... Jump to full article >>