Smoking ban at state buildings is long overdue

Tweet As unpleasant as a ban on smoking outside state office buildings will be for some Delawareans, the twofold benefit is irresistible. The rise in residents’ quitting a dangerous health habit directly linked to their tobacco addiction will continue. And the residual benefits of slowing the growth of a $1 billion health care tab — almost 40 percent of the state’s budget — created by smoking workers, retirees and Medicaid ... Jump to full article >>

Focus on workers quitting, not a hiring ban

Tweet The idea that businesses should not hire tobacco users may look good on paper, but it doesn’t provide a solution to the larger issue: ending addiction to a deadly substance. A Jan. 12 article in The Tennessean, “More employers refuse to hire tobacco users,” reported on the growing trend of companies, especially among hospitals, refusing to hire individuals who use tobacco. The story mentioned the Cookeville Regional Medical Center con ... Jump to full article >>

Scotland delays implementing tobacco display ban

Tweet Scotland has delayed implementation of a tobacco display ban in supermarkets because of a change to the regulations and a legal challenge, the Scottish government said on Sunday. Scotland proposes to make it an offence to display tobacco products in shops so as to dissuade young people from taking up smoking. The Scottish government said it would however increase the area of cigarette storage units that may be displayed after retailers rais ... Jump to full article >>

UC system banning smoking from all campuses

Tweet The University of California is banning cigarettes and all other tobacco products from its campuses over the next two years, in a move designed to both protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and prevent young people from developing the bad habit. Students and staff alike will be prohibited from smoking anywhere on a UC campus – including outdoor spaces, parking lots and private residences. There won’t be any designated smoking ... Jump to full article >>