Health fears over south Asian people chewing tobacco

Tweet A health drive is beginning to target south Asian people who use chewing tobacco unaware of the risks it poses of causing mouth cancer. Medical staff and specialist advisers are working with Bangladeshi, Gujerati and Pakistani communities in Bradford and Keighley in West Yorkshire. Health officials said 90% of mouth cancers in Bradford were caused by smoking. But “smokeless tobacco” such as paan and niswar also causes mouth canc ... Jump to full article >>

Women drinking, smoking in pregnancy

Tweet Australian women continue to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol during pregnancy, a new study reveals. Research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found 18 per cent of women smoked and 38 per cent of women drank alcohol while pregnant, with younger mothers more likely to smoke and older mothers more likely to drink while pregnant. The study, based on data from Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Chil ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers-rights groups applaud decision to block pictures on cigarette packs

Tweet The last time cigarette warning labels got a makeover was more than 25 years ago, but they will be unchanged for at least a little while longer. A federal judge sided on Monday with tobacco companies and has temporarily blocked the Food and Drug Administration’s attempt to slap graphic images on cigarette packs. U.S District judge Richard Leon ruled that tobacco companies, who are suing the government over the move, do not have to put the ... Jump to full article >>

Australia passes plain-packaging cigarette law

Tweet Australia is to become the first country to enforce the plain packaging of cigarettes but tobacco companies have vowed to fight the new legislation in court. From December next year, all cigarettes will be sold in olive green packs, which research has shown is least appealing to smokers. Under the new laws, approved by the upper house of parliament, no trademark brand logos will be permitted on any packaging of tobacco products, although co ... Jump to full article >>

Recent Veterans in College Engage in Riskier Health Behaviors

Tweet College students who have served in the U.S. conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are more likely than their non-veteran peers to use tobacco, drink in excess and engage in other behaviors that endanger their health and safety, according to a study that appeared in the latest issue of American Journal of Health Promotion. “We also found some protective behaviors where veterans showed particular strengths,” said lead author Rachel Widome, P ... Jump to full article >>

Half of Beijing’s restaurants ignore smoking ban

Tweet BEIJING, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) — A survey conducted by an environmental group finds that a government ban on smoking in indoor public venues has been completely ignored by half of Beijing’s restaurants, a finding that underscores the challenges of controlling tobacco in a country with 300 million smokers. The Daerwen Nature Quest Agency, a civil environmental group, conducted the five-month survey of 51 mid-range and low-end restauran ... Jump to full article >>