A Special Election: More Than Just the Budget

Tweet Now that the worst kept secret in politics seems to be semi-officially out — another special election about the state budget — keep your eye on one of the wild cards: the campaign won’t just be about the budget. That’s because California’s election laws say that once an initiative has qualified for the ballot, it will be considered in the next statewide election — regardless of whether it’s a schedu ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette display ban extinguishes sales

Tweet BOTTLE Mart Express, in Moorabool St, is down to its last few packs of cigarettes, not that you can see them behind the counter. Shop owner-manger My Phan said tobacco company workers came and installed doors on her shop’s cigarette display cabinet a few weeks ago in readiness for the new statewide ban on cigarette displays in shops, which takes effect from tomorrow. Ms Phan said her shop’s cigarette sales had plummeted to the p ... Jump to full article >>

RJ Reynolds’ ads urge tobacco pouches for smokers

Tweet Tobacco industry critics say a new R.J. Reynolds ad campaign for smoke-free New Year’s resolutions is really an attempt to keep people from quitting nicotine. The North Carolina-based company for the first time is advertising its smokeless tobacco pouches called snus (SNOOZ) as alternatives to smoking. The carefully worded magazine ads say the company supports quitting tobacco use but goes on to suggest the pouches as “smoke-fre ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco tax should be increased

Tweet It’s a sad indication of the North Dakota Legislature’s indifference to public health that a tobacco prevention coalition won’t even try to raise the state’s low tobacco tax in the upcoming session. It’s a sad indication of the North Dakota Legislature’s indifference to public health that a tobacco prevention coalition won’t even try to raise the state’s low tobacco tax in the upcoming session. North Dakota’s Center for ... Jump to full article >>

Smokey Top Tobacco employees detain one of three armed men during robbery

Tweet Police are searching for two men involved in an armed robbery at Smokey Top Tobacco Shop, 7301 W. 183rd Street, Thursday evening. Tinley Park Police Cmdr. Steve Vaccaro said one of three suspects is in custody and was detained by several employees at the store during the time of the robbery. Police were notified of the ongoing robbery at 7:15 p.m. when the employees set off a panic alarm. “When we arrived, the employees had one subject de ... Jump to full article >>

Ottawa to increase size of tobacco warnings to cover 3/4 of cigarette package

Tweet New anti-smoking warnings on cigarette packs, to be announced by the federal government Thursday, will feature images of an iconic Canadian cancer victim and cover a full three-quarters of the packages’ surface. The significant increase in the size of the often-stark ads comes after opposition MPs on the House of Commons health committee recently threw their weight behind a long-standing movement to bump up the mandatory ads from the curr ... Jump to full article >>

Big tobacco case reinstated in Minnesota

Tweet We have closely followed the recent outbreak of Florida suits claiming injuries from smoking, but today we turn our attention to tobacco-litigation news coming out of the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The Minnesota Court of Appeals yesterday gave a green light to a suit claiming that Philip Morris misled smokers by marketing low-tar cigarettes as a healthier form of tobacco. The court also authorized the suit to proceed as a class action, on behal ... Jump to full article >>

Judge Rejects City Law on Antismoking Posters

Tweet A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a New York City law that would have forced all bodegas and convenience stores to post gruesome images of diseased lungs, brains and teeth in the shops to discourage people from buying cigarettes. In a 13-page ruling, Judge Jed S. Rakoff of United States District Court in Manhattan wrote that while the law was well intentioned, it violated federal law since only the federal government had the authorit ... Jump to full article >>

State unveils high-tech cigarette tax stamp

Tweet California tax officials have a new weapon in the war against cigarette bootleggers. On Tuesday, the California Board of Equalization unveiled its latest high-tech tax stamp. The device, which will appear on legally authorized cigarette packs beginning Jan. 1, uses special inks that shift colors from yellow-gold to green. Each stamp also includes a unique serial number and more encrypted information than the last version of the tax stamp, r ... Jump to full article >>

Smokeless tobacco warning for parents

Tweet WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Alarming statistics are causing the Palm Beach County health department to warn parents about smokeless tobacco. According to the health department twenty percent of Palm Beach County high school students and seven percent of middle schoolers use tobacco. The reason the health department is so concerned with these smokeless products is that they’re flavored, and they’re sold in ordinary convenience ... Jump to full article >>