SUPREME COURT NOTEBOOK: Chief justice sells Pfizer stock to take part in 2 high court cases

Tweet Chief Justice John Roberts has sold his shares of Pfizer Inc., a move that allows him to participate in two pending Supreme Court cases involving the pharmaceutical maker. Federal law requires judges to sit out cases if they own even a single share of stock in any of the parties to a lawsuit. In the past, Roberts has not taken part in cases involving Pfizer because he owned less than $15,000 of the company’s stock, according to his la ... Jump to full article >>

Bismarck votes to allow smoking huts for bars

Tweet Bismarck City Commissioners Tuesday agreed to allow bars to build smoking huts near their businesses, but kept the Nov. 1 start of a new smoking ban for pubs. The law allows shelters to be built for smoking patrons away from the bar, yet bans employees from serving or working in the huts on behalf of their employers. Workers may enter the smoke area during time off or breaks. No food will be allowed in the huts. Workers also may enter for a ... Jump to full article >>

Opening Statements Complete in Frazier v. Philip Morris

Tweet Gerson & Schwartz’ Phillip Gerson told the jury in Frazier v. Philip Morris that Phyllis Frazier started smoking at age 15, around 1960, and smoked a pack a day for 30 years, until she was diagnosed with emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in 1991. She quit smoking eight months later with the assistance of a nicotine patch. Ms. Frazier underwent a successful lung transplant in 2003, but her body subsequent ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking decline has slowed — more should be done, group says

Tweet New figures suggest Canadian smoking rates have been dropping over the past decade but that the decline has slowed considerably, and there’s plenty the government could do about it, reports the Canadian Cancer Society. Rob Cunningham, a senior policy analyst with the not-for-profit, said although the latest Statistics Canada figures show just 18 per cent of Canadians 15 years and older, (about 4.9 million), said they smoked last year ... Jump to full article >>

Scalia Stays $270 Million Tobacco Verdict, Hints At Reversal

Tweet A $270 million tobacco verdict in Lousiana might be in trouble, as U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has ordered the action stayed while the high court mulls adding it to its schedule. In a 5-page opinion issued late Friday, Scalia said the Louisiana courts may have erred by refusing to allow Philip Morris and other cigarette companies to question individual plaintiffs about whether they relied on false statements to continue smokin ... Jump to full article >>

Tennessee seller of ‘e-cigarettes’ fights FDA regulation

Tweet A Goodlettsville company that sells high-tech devices that simulate cigarette smoking is doing battle with the federal government, which wants to regulate them to safeguard consumers’ health. PureSmoker is one of a handful of “e-cigarette” companies that have been subjected to repeated seizures of their electronic cigarette shipments from China by the Food and Drug Administration over the past two years. The FDA argues tha ... Jump to full article >>

Renegade owner misused funds, examiner says

Tweet Calvin Phelps, the owner of Renegade Holdings Tobacco Co., made a fraudulent transfer of $8.1 million in assets, which he used to help buy Chinqua-Penn Plantation, two corporate jets, cigar-manufacturing equipment and a 2008 Maserati Quattroporte, the examiner for Renegade’s bankruptcy says in a lawsuit. The future of Chinqua-Penn, a historic 1920s mansion in Reids­ville, could be in the hands of a bankruptcy estate if a judge approves t ... Jump to full article >>

Taxpayer should fund ‘bribes’ for obese and smokers

Tweet The advice, which will be published by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence tomorrow, has been greeted with anger by critics who claimed such “bribes” were draining the public purse of money which could be better spent elsewhere. The study examined a series of schemes, including one in Kent which pays dieters up to £425 for losing weight and another in Scotland which gives pregnant women shopping vouchers w ... Jump to full article >>

Warning that illicit tobacco sales not a victimless crime

Tweet Police, health representatives and retailers attended the one-day conference at Perth Concert Hall. Speakers included Detective Sergeant Allan Orr of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency. DS Orr warned the production of counterfeit cigarettes was not a victimless trade and said those behind it were often involved in drug dealing and human trafficking. Discussions at the summit will form the basis of a report to be presented to the ... Jump to full article >>

Wolfmother says no to tobacco sponsorship

Tweet Wolfmother has pulled out of what is expected to be the biggest-ever music festival in South East Asia because it is being sponsored by a tobacco company. The band’s frontman, Andrew Stockdale, says he did not know the Gudang Garam cigarette company is the major sponsor of the Java Rockin’ Land festival in Jakarta. Stockdale says he is morally opposed to profiting from a festival sponsored by a tobacco company. [caption id="atta ... Jump to full article >>