Lindsay Lohan’s Stripper Pole Shoot On ‘Double Exposure’

Tweet Here is what happened when Lindsay Lohan finally arrived, 11 hours late, to her photo shoot on Bravo’s reality show ‘Double Exposure.’ Lindsay showed up close to midnight smoking a parliament cigarette, cursing and making faces at the dirty stripper pole. “I literally need to think of myself as a wildlife photographer.. There’s almost a danger element to her presence,” said a photographer. “You nev ... Jump to full article >>

Teen Girls Becoming More Open to Drugs, Alcohol

Tweet American teenage girls may be more receptive to using alcohol and taking drugs than in years past, a new report says. Girls appear more inclined than ever to reach for drugs and booze to help them emotionally, according to a survey by the nonprofit Partnership for a Drug Free America. For example, the 2009 survey of high school students found 53 percent of girls agreeing with the notion that drugs “help you forget your troubles,” up fr ... Jump to full article >>

Ofcom opens the door to product placement on UK television

Tweet Commercial broadcasters are set to benefit from paid-for product placement in television programmes under rules proposed by Ofcom, the communications industries regulator. Product placement will be allowed in films, TV series, entertainment shows and sports programmes, but not in children’s and news programmes, UK-produced current affairs, consumer affairs and religious programmes. There will be a ban on the product placement of toba ... Jump to full article >>

London’s Big Smoke wins dubious European distinction

Tweet Taxing the graduates; the woes of Wedgwood; a pension for him or her? Not for nothing is London still known as The Smoke. The bad old days of pea-soup smogs may be distant memories, but the modern version of air pollution is still very much a feature of capital life. And though it may not be so tangible, it’s almost as deadly. Indeed, the City of London has the dubious distinction of being one of the most polluted places in Europe, af ... Jump to full article >>

‘Bash’ threats over prison smoking ban

Tweet Prison guards have been threatened with “the bash” when the ban on inmates smoking takes effect in a year, says the guards’ union. President Beven Hanlon says the ban will put guards and staff such as tutors who remain smokers in danger from prisoners. “Not just prisoners who get frustrated at smelling fresh smoke on you and just lash out, but because you are introducing an item that is suddenly a high-priority contr ... Jump to full article >>

Pennsylvania Fracking Fluid Found To Contain Neurologically Harmful Chemicals

Tweet More than two years after the start of a natural gas drilling boom, Pennsylvania is making public a complete list of the chemicals used to extract the gas from deep underground amid rising public fears of potential water contamination and increased scrutiny of the fast-growing industry. Compounds associated with neurological problems, cancer and other serious health effects are among the chemicals being used to drill the wells, although st ... Jump to full article >>

Protests growing over BP, as Tate summer party goes crashed by oil painters

Tweet Protesters have picketed an art world party as they called on Tate bosses to cut their ties with sponsor BP over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. A group of artists under the name The Good Crude Britannia was voicing its concerns as Tate Britain held its summer party. The event was organised jointly to launch a major new display by artist Fiona Banner and 20 years of support by BP. Figures such as playwright Caryl Churchill, cartoonist Martin ... Jump to full article >>

Heritability is key to understanding genes

Tweet Johnjoe McFadden correctly points out that molecular genetics has yet to deliver on its expensive promissory notes (Genes? Its complicated, 24 June). However, in citing heritability estimates of 80%-90% for diagnoses such as schizophrenia and autism, he perpetuates the misleading idea that these figures show the extent to which conditions are caused by genes. Heritability refers to the correlation between genes and a diagnosis in a given e ... Jump to full article >>

Supreme Court Denies Cigarette Companies And Obama Administration In Tobacco Case

Tweet WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court has rejected appeals by the Obama administration and the nation’s largest tobacco companies to get involved in a legal fight about the dangers of cigarette smoking that has stretched more than 10 years. The court’s action, issued without comment Monday, leaves in place court rulings that the tobacco industry illegally concealed the dangers of smoking for decades. But it also prevents the administ ... Jump to full article >>

Indonesia stops cigarette export to U.S.

Tweet Indonesia has stopped the export of its clove cigarette to the United States following the ban imposed by U.S. agency on such a cigarette, local media reported here on Monday. “There was totally no clove cigarette export to U.S. as of mid this year after sharp drop of clove cigarette export to U.S. since the ban was imposed in September last year,” Frans Rupang, a deputy at Indonesia’s customs office said. According to Fra ... Jump to full article >>