Kristen Stewart flips the bird in Sydney

Tweet WOULD you want to be Kristen Stewart? OK, so imagine this. You’ve got the central part in the biggest movie franchise in a generation. You’re dating your co-star who just happens to be one of the most desired men on the planet. You travel the globe on promotional tours for your movies, with fans cheering you and the world’s media wanting to take your picture. You earned, according to Vanity Fair, $US16 million ($18.8 million) last yea ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette tax causes smokers to cut back on life’s luxuries

Tweet KEVIN Rudd’s tobacco tax is hitting small retailers as smokers cut back on magazines, sweets and soft drinks to buy menthol cigarettes. Shopkeepers say they are paying the price for the Rudd Government’s 25 per cent increase in tobacco excise, which added a average $2.20 to the price of a 30-pack of cigarettes from April 30. Grocers, newsagents, petrol stations and convenience stores all report seeing little to no drop in the sa ... Jump to full article >>

On World No Tobacco Day

Tweet This is the VOA Special English Development Report. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated each thirty-first of May. The observance is meant to bring attention to the growing use of tobacco and its deadly effects. The World Health Assembly established the event in nineteen eighty-seven. This year, special attention is being given to the harmful effects of tobacco marketing to women and girls. The World Health Organization says tobacco kills nea ... Jump to full article >>

Toothbrushing May Stave Off Heart Woes

Tweet Here’s another reason to brush your teeth regularly: People who don’t perform this essential of oral hygiene seem to have a greater risk of heart disease compared to their more diligent peers. “We were surprised to find a relationship between toothbrushing frequency and both cardiovascular disease and inflammatory markers in the blood,” said Richard Watt, co-author of a study published this week in the BMJ. “We have not establish ... Jump to full article >>

Where should I invest my money?

Tweet In all the economic turmoil it’s tempting to hide your cash under the mattress. After a 16% fall in the FTSE in just one month, we explore the safe havens for your money, and how the bullish can best profit from a recovery. Homes for the pessimists Under the Mattress Probably not the best place. It doesn’t pay interest, inflation eats away at it, and, if you have a burglary, standard insurance only covers the first £500 stolen. ... Jump to full article >>

Knoxville men plead guilty in contraband cigarette case

Tweet A pair of Knoxville men pleaded guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court in Knoxville to federal charges of conspiracy to transport contraband cigarettes, among other charges. According to a release from Eastern District of Tennessee U.S. Attorney’s Office, Iqbal Hussain Bhimani, 55, and Abdul Karim Bhimani, 40, both of Knoxville, were the subjects of a long-term undercover investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was ... Jump to full article >>

Lindsay Lohan Goes Clubbing

Tweet Nothing – not even an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet can keep Lindsay Lohan out of the clubs. With her newly blonde hair, the starlet hit up Las Palmas in L.A., sporting jeans and a fedora. Giggling and chain-smoking throughout the night, Lohan avoided alcohol and stood at the center of attention with her group of friends. Lohan also danced around her table, singing along to Britney Spears songs during the spirited night out. [caption ... Jump to full article >>

WHO top officer tags Noynoy a ‘bad model’

Tweet For publicly declaring that he is not yet ready to quit smoking, apparent president-elect Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino 3rd is as a bad role model to young people in the Philippines, a health officer of the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday. “It seems that Mr. Aquino is aware that he is not only damaging his own health but is setting a poor example to his fellow countrymen and fellow countrywomen,” said Dr. Susan Merca ... Jump to full article >>

Smoker wins $8 million verdict

Tweet A Connecticut smoker who developed larynx cancer has won $8 million in a lawsuit against a tobacco company, the first such jury verdict in New England, her attorney said Thursday. David Golub, attorney for Barbara Izzarelli of Norwich, said Thursday a federal jury in Bridgeport made the award late Wednesday against R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. after a two-week trial. He said a judge will decide additional punitive damages next month which coul ... Jump to full article >>

Altria Client Services spent $3.1M in 1st qtr lobbying federal officials for tobacco company

Tweet Altria Client Services Inc., on behalf of the nation’s biggest cigarette maker, spent $3.1 million lobbying the federal government in the first quarter on issues including the budget, tobacco and health care, according to a recent disclosure form. This is less than the $3.6 million the company spent on lobbying a year earlier, but more than the $2.6 million it spent in the fourth quarter of 2009. Other issues Altria lobbied on in Janu ... Jump to full article >>