Cigarette taxes are gold rush for states

Tweet Cash-strapped states are hitting smokers hard in the pocketbook, raising cigarette taxes to help plug budget shortfalls. So far this year, legislators have voted to raise cigarette taxes by $1 per pack in Utah and 75 cents a pack in New Mexico. At least a half dozen other states have been considering increases, including tobacco-growing South Carolina and Georgia. In 2009, 14 states and the District of Columbia raised cigarette taxes. So m ... Jump to full article >>

Court hears arguments in Indian cigarette sales tax dispute, former cop’s DWI sentencing deal

Tweet The state’s top judges grilled lawyers on both sides of the dispute over the collection of taxes on cigarettes sold by the Cayuga Indian Nation during a court session in Syracuse today. Lawyer Philip Spellane had barely begun making his argument in support of Cayuga and Seneca county officials’ actions against two Nation stores when Court of Appeals Judges Robert Smith and Victoria Graffeo began firing questions at him. Lawyer David DeB ... Jump to full article >>

A Low-Heartburn Coffee?

Tweet For millions of coffee-lovers with delicate stomachs, scientists may have found a way to enjoy an eye-opening cup of java without gastrointestinal discomfort. European researchers studying stomach-irritating chemicals in coffee have unexpectedly found one that actually inhibits acid production in the stomach. “The major import of our work is that it provides scientific evidence that you can produce a more stomach-friendly coffee by varyi ... Jump to full article >>

Hemet truck-torchings believed to be connected to earlier attacks on police

Tweet Four code-enforcement department trucks are burned in the parking lot of City Hall. Investigators suspect gangs are behind the recent campaign of violence against a gang task force. Four code-enforcement trucks were torched in the Hemet City Hall parking lot Tuesday, in a brazen attack that police believe is part of a shadowy but relentless campaign of violence against them. “We are assuming, because of the timing, that this is relate ... Jump to full article >>

David Letterman lectures Jamie Oliver and says his healthy eating crusade won’t work in America

Tweet Jamie Oliver has suffered another setback in his crusade to make America healthy – a doom-filled lecture from chatshow host David Letterman. The chef had already been reduced to tears by Americans’ resistance to his fight against obesity, but Letterman only added to his frustrations in an extraordinary five-minute monlogue watched by millions during The Late Show. The host told Oliver he believed diet pills were the only success ... Jump to full article >>

Almost Illegal To Smoke in California: A Brief History of Smoking Bans

Tweet It’s getting pretty darn near illegal to light up cancer stick anywhere in California. State lawmakers approved a bill to outlaw smoking at 278 state parks and beaches. As reported at True/Slant, with the future of smoking uncertain in California, let’s look at a brief history of the evolution of smoking bans in order to find out how we got to the place we’re currently at: 1575, a Mexican ecclesiastical council construct ... Jump to full article >>

Judge upholds ban on flavored-tobacco sales

Tweet A legal assault against the city’s upcoming ban on flavored smokeless tobacco got chewed up in court. Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon refused to block the law — slated to go into effect in April — on grounds that local governments can regulate tobacco products not covered by federal law. “Congress expressed a clear and unmistakable preference for limiting the federal government’s role to setting a floor ... Jump to full article >>

Taxpayer-funded ‘charities’ will soon be in severe financial difficulties.

Tweet These days I usually do a double-take if I see someone smoking in a car when there are kids in the back. Something that two decades ago was seen as completely normal is now so weird it sends a signal to the back of the brain telling the unconscious that something isn’t right. It’s so socially unacceptable that if you asked any of the yummy mummies around my part of the world if they minded if you smoked around their kids, they’d proba ... Jump to full article >>

‘Iron Man 2’: Olivia Munn’s Role Changed (Trailer)

Tweet Olivia Munn had to work extra for “Iron Man 2” as she was forced to re-shoot her part in the movie. In an interview with Complex, she revealed that, after she wrapped production, director Jon Favreau decided her original character was not necessary in the film that her scenes were cut. Fortunately, he found another role for her. “Actually, they just gave me another role in the film. I had to re-shoot all of my scenes,̶ ... Jump to full article >>

Imperial Tobacco Sees Weaker Volumes on Eastern Europe, U.S.

Tweet Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, Europe’s biggest tobacco company, forecast a drop in first-half cigarette volumes because of weak demand in parts of eastern Europe, the U.S. and Spain. Selling quantities for the six-month period ending March 31 will decline by about 4 percent, also hurt by disruption to supply networks in the Middle East, the Bristol, England-based company said today in a statement. Volumes will stabilize in the second half, ... Jump to full article >>