Matt Damon Coming to ’30 Rock’

Tweet Tina Fey successfully captured Matt Damon to star on “30 Rock”. The producer/writer/actress said in December 2009 that Damon was one of the actors on top of her list for a guest on the show, and it has just been confirmed that her wish is coming true. Not one single information like whether he plays himself or a character is released. However, a rep for the actor confirmed to Gossip Cop that he is going to be part of the sitcom ... Jump to full article >>

A Chocolate Egg Per Day May Keep the Heart Doctor Away

Tweet Eating as little as a quarter of an ounce of chocolate each day—an amount equal to about one small Easter egg—may lower your risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke, a new study has found. For best results, the chocolate should be dark, experts say. “Dark chocolate exhibits the greatest effects, milk chocolate fewer, and white chocolate no effects,” says the lead author of the study, Brian Buijsse, a nutritional epidemiologist ... Jump to full article >>

Punch Taverns boss walks away from debt-laden pub business

Tweet The boss of Punch Taverns, Britain’s biggest pub company, called time on his nine-year tenure and walked away from the debt-laden business. Giles Thorley, a lawyer and banker before he went into the business, personally made tens of millions of pounds from Punch in the pre-recession boom, but the company – which has a stockmarket value of £540m – is now hobbled by a debt mountain of more than £3.5bn. Shares in Punch, which have ... Jump to full article >>

Sports tax on cigarettes hits controversy

Tweet Another good idea to generate revenue for sports has hit controversy even before it is discussed at a proper forum and the federal sports minister has himself become defensive on his proposal to tax cigarettes. “It was a proposal deliberated upon during a meeting which was subject to be taken up with the Ministry of Health and Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) for impact and implication. The suggestion was meant to reduce the purchasing and ... Jump to full article >>

Enforcement of no-smoking laws ineffective

Tweet Since 2007 law, pub smoking down 70% in Jerusalem, 10% in Tel Aviv. Although smoking in entertainment and other public places is illegal, the level of dangerous particulate matter from tobacco smoke in Tel Aviv pubs and bars is five times higher than recommended and endangers the health of both customers and employees. This was discovered by Dr. Leah Rosen of ’s health promotion department and is to be published on Friday in the European ... Jump to full article >>

Chancellor discusses ‘occasional’ drug use in his younger years

Tweet Chanceelor Alistair Darling has told how he was an ‘occasional’ user of cannabis when he was younger. In an admission echoing Bill Clinton’s revelation that he had tried the drug but did not inhale, Mr Darling added that he had not liked the taste. The Chancellor, who first admitted in 2007 that he tried cannabis while at university, talked openly about his drug taking experiences in a magazine interview. [caption id="atta ... Jump to full article >>

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been labelled a ‘d***head’

Tweet British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has been labelled a ‘d***head’ by an Australian minister following his ‘burn out’ in a private car in the hours leading up to the Melbourne Grand Prix. The 25-year-old former world champion was booked by police when he spun the wheels of a Mercedes saloon, creating clouds of smoke as he drove away from the Melbourne race track. He was not to know that three days later the Victo ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers die, BAT thrives

Tweet Every cigarette packet these days carries a dire health warning – but British American Tobacco (JSE:BTI) CEO Paul Adams has no doubts about the health of his company. In the annual report on one of the JSE’s biggest market caps (R507.5bn) Adams writes: “I look forward to many successful years for our business.” Never mind the slings and arrows of the anti-tobacco lobby and the worst recession since the 1930s, BAT ma ... Jump to full article >>

3 businesses fail recent tobacco check

Tweet Three of 16 local businesses sold tobacco to underage youth participating in tobacco retailer compliance checks in Fond du Lac this month. Two of the sales involved smokeless tobacco and one involved cigarettes. Two clerks sold tobacco products after the teens presented their Wisconsin driver’s license showing they were minors, and the third sale took place without the clerk asking for any identification. “The majority of sales ... Jump to full article >>

Day of mourning for the victims of terrorist attacks in Moscow

Tweet Two ‘black widow’ suicide bombers were yesterday being blamed by Russian authorities for the deaths of at least 39 commuters in terror blasts on the Moscow underground. There was carnage after the women detonated their explosive vests 40 minutes apart during morning rush hour. Last night Russia was on full alert with a massive manhunt under way for the bombers’ accomplices amid fears of further attacks. Vladimir Putin, the ... Jump to full article >>