Kansas smoking ban passes, on its way to governor

Tweet In a landmark move, the Kansas House passed a statewide public smoking ban Thursday and sent it to Gov. Mark Parkinson. If Parkinson signs the legislation as expected, Kansas will join nearly 40 states that have some statewide restrictions on where smokers can light up. The ban would go into effect July 1. Today’s vote was 68-54. Supporters said they were tired of waiting as ban proposals languished for years on the legislative agenda ... Jump to full article >>

Utah Legislature: One tobacco tax bill snuffed out; another smoldering

Tweet One of two bills aimed at raising the state’s tobacco tax was snuffed out by a legislative committee Thursday, but may still have a spark of life left. SB40, sponsored by Sen. Allen Christensen, R-Ogden, looks to hike what is now among the lowest tobacco taxes in the country. Christensen argued the change, which would add $1.30 to the current rate of 69.5 cents a pack, is focused on health issues and could result in helping tens of th ... Jump to full article >>

Big Tobacco and the Historians

Tweet Last summer Robert Proctor, a Stanford professor who studies the history of tobacco, was surprised to receive court papers accusing him of witness tampering and witness intimidation, along with a subpoena for his unfinished book manuscript. Then in January he got another subpoena, this one for three years of e-mails with a colleague, and also for his computer hard drive. Attorneys for R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris USA are trying to get hi ... Jump to full article >>

Tobacco’s topical wrinkle rewards

Tweet Everyone knows that smoking can worsen wrinkles, but a new discovery by Italian scientists could put tobacco in a new anti-wrinkle role. Chosen because of its levels of proline and glycine, abundant amino acids in human collagen, wild tobacco was tested on keratinocytes and fibroblasts to determine its anti-aging properties. In addition to acting as an antioxidant, the researchers found that its mix of peptides, amino acids and sugars had a ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking ban goes too far, judge rules

Tweet Huber Heights bar owner Dave Grusenmeyer says he’s pleased with a Columbus judge’s decision that throws a potential wrench into the way Ohio’s statewide smoking ban is being enforced. “What it’s going to mean is that they get things changed around so I once again will have the right to run my business the way I choose to run it,” Grusenmeyer, owner of the Beacon Lounge and president of the Miami Valley Licensed Beverage Associat ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic Cigarette Products May Offer a Clean Solution to Many Problems

Tweet Electronic cigarettes could revolutionize the tobacco industry in the United States from a number of standpoints, according to one online retailer, E Cigarettes National. “Think about what you’re dealing with here,” says Tiffany Ellis of E Cigarettes National. “A product that produces no smoke from combusted material, one that would reduce cigarette butt litter to a fraction of what it is today, and one that is a muc ... Jump to full article >>

David Beckham in £26million bid to buy his dream home… George Clooney’s lakeside Italian villa

Tweet It’s on the market because its famous owner is disillusioned with members of the public and photographers hanging around outside. But that’s unlikely to end when it sells because the likely news owners also have star billing. David and Victoria Beckham are said to be in negotiations to buy George Clooney’s Italian villa home on the shore of Lake Como. It is ideal for the footballer, who has been living in a hotel since joi ... Jump to full article >>

As Habano Cigar Sales Drop, Exiled Smokers Shrug

Tweet On Tuesday afternoon, four Cuban goombahs were halfway into the third round of their daily dominoes game at Macabi Cigar Factory. Heli Montoto slammed one of the white pieces on the table and taunted his partner, Jacinto Perez, “Put on your batteries, man.” The two had already lost two games to Adrian Lopez and Jorge Azze, two other middle-aged, tanned exiles with huge cell phone holsters on their belts. Earlier in the day, El ... Jump to full article >>

Judge cuts $300M smoker’s lawsuit award to $39M

Tweet Concluding a jury was moved by emotion rather than hard evidence, a judge on Wednesday reduced $300 million in damages awarded to a Florida smoker against Philip Morris USA to nearly $39 million. Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey Streitfeld ruled jurors in November granted 61-year-old Cindy Naugle a “grossly excessive” amount of punitive and non-economic damages. Naugle, a longtime Benson & Hedges smoker, has advanced emphysema, ... Jump to full article >>

Amman develops serious nightlife

Tweet Jordan’s growing young population is helping to shape this scene, a tamer version of the Middle East’s so-called “sin city”, Beirut. “You know, 15 years ago you could barely find a taxi after eight in the evening – the streets were mostly empty,” said Sarah, an American and long-time resident of Amman. “But nightlife has changed drastically since the early 1990s when there were basically two p ... Jump to full article >>