Non-smokers to cough up a protest for campaign

Tweet The next time you are enjoying a smoke near your office building, don’t be surprised if someone around you starts coughing noisily and, perhaps, deliberately too. A group of NGOs have started a new campaign — ‘Khaasi Sunao, Sutta Bhujhao’ (Cough aloud, stub out cigarette) — to encourage non-smokers to get proactive about their right to breathe clean air. “We want non-smokers to register their protest by coughing aloud and also e ... Jump to full article >>

Ronnie Wood’s girlfriend is definitely pukka: Polo-playing girlfriend is a world away from lapdancing waitress

Tweet He left his wife for a waitress in a lapdancing bar, but Ronnie Wood has taken a step up in the world since then. Instead of serving drinks in a seedy bar – which was later busted for being a brothel – his latest girlfriend has a penchant for polo. The Rolling Stone was seen looking quite the gentleman in a grey trilby, wool coat and scarf and carrying her polo mallets at the Ham Polo Club in London yesterday. He rather ruined ... Jump to full article >>

Taylor Momsen, 16, caught smoking a cigarette

Tweet Seriously, at this point what’s the difference between Taylor Momsen and a teenage runaway who supports herself by hooking? Because there’s absolutely no visual difference at this point. I just saw these photos of Taylor Momsen walking around the Brooklyn set of Gossip Girl today, smoking. Her character was not smoking, Taylor was. Because she’s 16 years old. Because she doesn’t give a f-ck. Because she’s a pantless brat. Because ... Jump to full article >>

Smokers cough up for Abbott climate policy

Tweet AN INCREASE in tobacco taxes is one option being canvassed within the Coalition to fund its greenhouse gas abatement policy to be unveiled next week. It is understood the revenue source will be discussed at today’s meeting of the shadow cabinet which will have its first look at the policy the Opposition climate change spokesman, Greg Hunt, developed over the summer. Under the leadership of Tony Abbott, the Coalition abandoned support ... Jump to full article >>

Blood Test May Predict Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tweet A simple blood test may allow doctors to identify a debilitating form of arthritis years before any symptoms appear, which may help to stop the disease in its tracks, new research suggests. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which affects an estimated 1.3 million Americans, is an autoimmune disease that attacks the joints, causing inflammation, pain, and swelling. Early diagnosis and treatment are key to preventing long-term joint damage, but the w ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarette heist spans from New Jersey to Miami

Tweet The search for millions of dollars of cigarettes stolen from an East Peoria warehouse on Sunday has reached as far as the New York and Miami areas, authorities said Wednesday. Detective Kevin Beckman of the East Peoria Police Department said stolen semi trucks and trailers that have been recovered include one trailer found abandoned Tuesday on the New Jersey Turnpike near Newark, N.J. About 12:30 a.m. Sunday, East Peoria police responded to ... Jump to full article >>

Capitol talks about taxing tobacco (video)

Tweet New Mexico smokers could soon be shelling out more money for cigarettes if a group of democratic lawmakers get their way with a plan to raise the tobacco tax. A pack of smokes could cost a dollar more if a pair of veteran lawmakers can convince enough of their colleagues that a tobacco tax hike would be good for the state’s bank account as well as public health. Right now the cigarette tax is 91 cents a pack, though it would rise to $ ... Jump to full article >>

Brangelina were enjoying quality time together in a restaurant as rumours of ‘ridiculous split’ emerged

Tweet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have begun to fight back against rumours of an alleged £205million split. Sources told People magazine – the publication which broke the news of Angeliina Jolie’s pregnancies and published picture exclusives of the couple’s six children – that they were not losing sleep over the reports. The couple of nearly five years were actually having an intimate dinner and enjoying some quiet time ... Jump to full article >>

Presentation set on chew tobacco danger

Tweet Rick Bender, a former spit tobacco user and oral cancer survivor, will tell his story at a one-hour presentation on from 7 to 8 p.m. Feb. 9 at the MSU Billings Petro Theatre. The presentation is free and open to the public. This program is designed for anyone, but is especially targeted for young adults and teenagers who think that tobacco only causes cancer in older adults. The event is part of “Through with Chew Week” promoted by the ... Jump to full article >>

Court looks at tobacco appeal

Tweet A group of Florida smokers asked a federal appeals court Tuesday not to force each of them to prove that smoking causes illness in the thousands of individual lawsuits moving through federal court. Such a ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals would mean that the more than 4,000 plaintiffs wouldn’t need extensive — and costly — expert testimony to prove to each jury that their nicotine addiction caused lung cancer and ... Jump to full article >>