Doctors want cigarettes to cost $20 a pack

Tweet The Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) has proposed a ‘tobacco transaction levy’ that would increase the cost of a cigarette by 10 cents from next July, rising to 30 cents in July 2012. The AMA is appealing to the Victorian Government to introduce the tax, saying the Federal Government remains silent on the issue months after receiving the Preventative Health Taskforce Report. The president of AMA Victo ... Jump to full article >>

Butting heads over India’s tobacco

Tweet Tousle-haired teenager Sudip Singh admits he buckled under pressure. Last month, the 15-year-old began using gutkha, a cheap chewing tobacco that has taken India by storm over the past decade. Singh’s two older brothers and most of his friends have used gutkha for years in this blue-collar city in the northeastern state of Assam. A few weeks into his habit, still searching for a brand to call his favourite, Singh stands next to a road ... Jump to full article >>

Emphysema Linked to Secondhand Smoke

Tweet Childhood exposure to environmental tobacco smoke correlated with increased evidence of emphysema on lung scans of nonsmoking adults, data from a large cohort study showed. Structural and quantitative indices of emphysema differed significantly on CT lung scans of adults with a childhood history of secondhand smoke exposure compared with those with a negative exposure history, Gina S. Lovasi, PhD, of the Mailman School of Public Health of C ... Jump to full article >>

Where there’s smoke, there’s ire

Tweet The American Cancer Society is suing the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, claiming a recently passed measure allowing smoking in some convention areas violates the Nevada Constitution. The Cancer Society’s Great West Division and its Cancer Action Network filed the complaint against the convention authority, Nevada State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto and public health officials over a revision to the Nevada Clean ... Jump to full article >>

New Push To Ban Smoking In Bars

Tweet A local group is pushing to pass laws that will end smoking in bars and dictate where people can smoke outside. Shelley Courington is with a group called CHART. They’re about to start lobbying state lawmakers to ban smoking in bars. They’re also pushing to keep smokers from lighting up within 25 feet of a building. “We have to have a healthy safe workforce in Tennessee. We have to make it safe for our workers, no matter wh ... Jump to full article >>

Drop in crime on Isle of Man attributed to Europe’s only non-smoking prison.

Tweet A brand new prison is taking credit for the plummeting crime rate in the Isle of Man. But it is not the fear of being locked up that is making criminals think twice before stealing, fighting or trading in drugs. The prospect of being forced to give up smoking is apparently far more frightening. The £42million jail, which opened last year, is Europe’s only non-smoking prison. Inmates and guards are not allowed to smoke either in or ou ... Jump to full article >>

Cigarettes: Cheapest at RM6.40 per pack

Tweet The cheapest cigarettes in the market will cost RM6.40 per pack of 20s starting Jan 1. Under the Tobacco Products Control Regulations gazetted by the Health Ministry and aimed at snuffing out the smoking habit, the minimum retail price for a stick of cigarette is set at 32 sen. At present, a pack of 20s usually costs RM9.30 but cheaper ones as low as RM4.80 per pack are available. Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said the regulatio ... Jump to full article >>


Tweet Pop star PINK has called on her family and friends to “ration” the cigarettes she smokes in a desperate attempt to cut back. The Trouble and So What singer has already stopped smoking at home and now wants to limit the amount of cigarettes she puffs on when she’s out with pals. She explains, “Smoking isn’t cute at all… It’s awful. I hate the smell, the taste. I hate everything about it. I’m an ... Jump to full article >>

The Myth of Second Hand Smoke

Tweet The 1964 Surgeon General Report, which declared that the inhalation of cigarettes would likely cause lung cancer and heart disease, had a profound impact in the United States. This report started America thinking that the practice of inhaling cigarette smoke was unhealthy and began a long series of studies, lawsuits, and laws, that changed the face of America from a primary smoking society—where over 60 percent of adults in the U.S. smoke ... Jump to full article >>

Professor: No Doubt Electronic Cigarettes Safer than Cigarettes

Tweet In an interview with E Cigarette Direct Professor Carl Phillips, associate professor at the University of Alberta, has argued that electronic cigarettes are a valid alternative to cigarettes, stating: “I think there’s absolutely no doubt that it is a safer alternative to regular cigarettes.” He estimated that electronic cigarettes carried a risk that: “…is probably in the order of 99 percent less harmful than s ... Jump to full article >>