Philip Morris Lawsuit; Photos of Counterfeit Marlboros

Tweet Philip Morris Counterfeit Marlboro Lawsuit: Philip Morris USA is accusing 10 New York and New Jersey retailers of selling Marlboro cigarettes. Reyes Grocery Store and Sunny’s Supermarket, in Newark, are among the defendants named in litigation brought by the davidoff cigarette. The Henrico County-based cigarette-maker has monitored retail markets for years to keep fake versions of its brands off store shelves. Since May of this year, ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking ban in the name of health

Tweet The editorial, “Start planning now to launch controversial smoking rules” (Nov. 12), properly advises proprietors of restaurants and bars to become familiar with how a new law that eliminates smoking in these venues starting on Jan. 2, 2010, will affect them. It is important to recognize Greensboro, Guilford County and North Carolina have a 20-year, unblemished record of successful implementation of incremental restrictions on s ... Jump to full article >>

Good intentions go up in smoke

Tweet More and more people are trying to give up smoking – but new research suggests the habit is still as hard as ever to kick. Up to 66 per cent of NSW smokers will try to quit in the next six months – seven per cent more than in 2005 – according to the Cancer Institute NSW’s Smoking and Health Survey 2009. Hard-hitting campaigns, health warnings and new laws governing thecigarettes camel are helping persuade a greater n ... Jump to full article >>

Threats of Execution May Keep China Products Safer

Tweet China executed two people and imprisoned others as a warning not to endanger the public safety by producing harmful exports. On November 24, a dairy farmer and a milk salesman were put to death in the 2008 scheme to water down infant formula that left at least six children dead and sickened more than 300,000. In a move to reassure the world that China will protect its exports from unethical producers, those responsible were severely punishe ... Jump to full article >>

Most Emirates already curbing the use of tobacco

Tweet In the absence of a federal ban on smoking in public places, individual emirates have introduced their own rules, leading to a somewhat disjointed approach to the problem of tobacco use. Since 2007, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah and Dubai have introduced partial or full smoking bans. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi and Umm al Qaiwain are waiting for federal legislation to be passed. The most recent draft, which went before the Federal Natio ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking bans march across region

Tweet The District was first to clear the ashtrays from its taverns in 2007. Maryland pushed its smokers outside not long after, in 2008. And on Tuesday, so goes Virginia. The march of smoking bans in bars and restaurants across the region has made lighting up while dining out a practical impossibility for many people. And Virginia’s ban — which kicks in Tuesday — leaves the Washington area with a only a handful of venues where ... Jump to full article >>

Isle of Wight County smokers choked up over possible cigarette taxes

Tweet For the last six years, Dennis Boudreaux has watched customers come from as far away as Virginia Beach to buy cigarettes at his store in Isle Of Wight County. They are the cigarettes kent in Virginia because there is no local tobacco tax but if that changes Dennis won’t have a choice, he will have to raise his prices. “We have to pass on the cost directly to the customer.” You can blame it on International Paper closing d ... Jump to full article >>

Moms-to-be smoke less after workplace smoking ban

Tweet Ireland’s implementation of a workplace smoking ban in 2004 appears tied to a decline in maternal smoking rates as well as lower risk for preterm births, study findings hint. Compared with the year prior to the smoking ban, 12 percent fewer women reported smoking during pregnancy in the year after the ban, Dr. Zubair Kabir, of the Tobacco Free Research Institute in Dublin, Ireland, and colleagues report. Their study, in BJOG: An Inter ... Jump to full article >>

Electronic ciggies set to give agents a healthy income

Tweet A Long Crendon man is looking for local agents to sell healthier alternatives to tobacco products called ‘electronic cigarettes’, which he believes are set to take off in Britain. Martin Whelan is an independent distributor for inLife, an American company now looking to expand in Europe. He said the firm’s e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the harmful toxins found in tobacco smoke, present a golden business opp ... Jump to full article >>

Hayden adopts new smoking, curfew rules

Tweet The Hayden City Council adopted a pair of ordinances Tuesday night, one establishing a curfew for minors and the other putting wider restrictions on no-smoking designations. The curfew ordinance was established to improve public safety — and as a way to keep pace with neighboring community rules — while the smoking ban was adopted for the benefit of public health. The tougher smoking rules are a first around Kootenai County, and ... Jump to full article >>