Gavel to Gavel: Up in smoke

Tweet The first time I watched the older reruns of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, I was amazed. It wasn’t Carson’s famous turns as Carnac The Magnificent that caught my eye. Instead, it was the curling tendrils of smoke shrouding the host and his guests as they puffed away at cigarettes on live television. The reason I was so shocked is that this kind of free-wheeling cheap tobacco use is unheard of today. From airplanes to restaura ... Jump to full article >>

Who’s Serving Up Smoking Results?

Tweet When American investors think of tobacco greatness, Altria (NYSE: MO) and Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) are the first companies to come to mind. But based on recent performance, British American Tobacco (NYSE: BTI) should definitely be moving into the mix, following the interim management report the company released on Wednesday. With British American reporting results on a nine-month basis, we’re somewhat comparing apples an ... Jump to full article >>

Bars not stubbing out cigarettes: Survey

Tweet NEW DELHI: The hype surrounding ban on smoking at public places seems to have vanished into thin air. A recent survey shows that the ban has not been effectively implemented since it came into effect in October last year. The nationwide survey conducted by Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI) with 11 partner organisations found that over 60% of the bars and restaurants flouted anti-smoking rules. At least 211 public places were surv ... Jump to full article >>

Few voters may decide fate of St. Louis County smoking ban

Tweet A quarter of St. Louis County’s voters — maybe 175,000 — could be deciding on Tuesday whether the city and county, with a combined population of 1.35 million, go smoke-free. The city last week made its smoking ban contingent on the county enacting a ban. And with turnout Tuesday expected to be 25 percent of the county’s 705,000 registered voters, a lot will be riding on a relatively few voters. Kansas City, Springfield, Colu ... Jump to full article >>

Vote on Prop N, the countywide smoking ban on Nov. 3 ballot, will shape smoking policy in region

Tweet It’s a good time to be a St. Louis County resident who routinely votes. If you like attention and influence, that is. Both sides in the battle over Proposition N, the county’s smoking ban measure, are focusing their last-minute efforts on people who go to the polls — not just in high-profile election years but also in so-called off years like 2009. With low turnout expected, reaching these voters is crucial for the campaig ... Jump to full article >>

Restaurant smoking violation finds robbery suspect

Tweet NEWPORT NEWS – That was one costly nicotine hit. At about 11 p.m Monday, Jarry K. Ratliff, 27, took a break from his job at the McDonald’s on Jefferson Avenue in Denbigh to light up a cigarette inside the restaurant. Unfortunately for him, that happened to be when Newport News police officer Matthew Andreoli was going through the restaurant’s drive-through. Andreoli also knew about a new statewide ban on smoking in restau ... Jump to full article >>

Stating Their Case

Tweet NEW YORK – While the New York State Police are worried about a confrontation if the state tries to block the sale of tax-free cigarettes on New York’s Indian reservations, local Seneca Nation of Indian officials say the ongoing discussion could be an opening to establish a lasting peace. The state held a hearing Tuesday called by state Sen. Craig Johnson, D-Nassau, to discuss tax collections on sales made to non-Indians on reser ... Jump to full article >>

Doctor presses the case against tobacco scholarships

Tweet A San Luis Obispo doctor is continuing to speak out against Cal Poly for allowing students to accept scholarships from the smokeless tobacco industry as prize awards in collegiate rodeo events. University officials say Cal Poly has no basis to deny students scholarship funds from a legal source, and university officials note that no tobacco-related advertising is allowed at school events under a campus policy. Five years ago, Cal Poly offi ... Jump to full article >>

Parents still smoking around children

Tweet Almost half of Victoria’s cigarette smokers still light up around children, despite an increase over the last decade in the number of homes that enforce a no-smoking policy. New research released today by the Cancer Council Victoria found significant improvement in the efforts of parents to keep cheap cigarettes away from their kids. In 1998 just over half of surveyed households had home smoking bans, but in the latest survey just und ... Jump to full article >>

Outdoor Smoking Ban Gains Support at City Hall

Tweet LOS ANGELES — It may soon be even more difficult for smokers in the City of Los Angeles to light up outside. A new, strict, outdoor smoking ordinance is gaining support at City Hall. A city council committee expressed support Tuesday for the ban, but ordered several changes to the ordinance before sending it to the full council for approval. The council could consider the measure as early as next month. City code already prohibits sm ... Jump to full article >>