Indiana Tobacco Quitline celebrates 10th anniversary

Tweet The Indiana Tobacco Quitline (1-800-QUIT-NOW) is celebrating its 10th anniversary of helping Hoosiers overcome their addictions this month. There are approximately 28,418 smokers in Elkhart County, and each year, six in 10 adult smokers make at least one quit attempt in a year, said a press release. The Indiana Tobacco Quitline aims to support them in their decision to quit. Tobacco Control of Elkhart County’s local prevention and cessati ... Jump to full article >>

Restrictions on Tobacco Sales in San Francisco

Tweet Despite the fact that the attempt to increase California’s smoking age to 21 stumbled several weeks ago in the state Assembly, that won’t prevent several San Francisco lawmakers from seeking to enforce stronger polices for young vapes and smokers at the local level. Today the Supervisor Scott Wiener and co-sponsors Supervisor Eric Mar and Malia Cohen will present legislation to increase the purchasing age for smoking products in ... Jump to full article >>

More students smoke pot than tobacco

Tweet More Ontario students report using cannabis than tobacco, a survey released Wednesday shows. About 21% of Grade 7 to 12 students in Ontario say they used cannabis during the past year, according to the survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. The usage was higher among older students; 37% of Grade 12 students reported using pot, while the report called marijuana use among seventh graders as “negligible”. On the othe ... Jump to full article >>

Smoking is linked to pot bellies

Tweet Heavy smoking may help cut your weight but it could lead to a fatter stomach, research suggests. While many smokers cite fear of weight gain as a reason for not giving up, scientists have found they are more likely to develop pot bellies. Scientists at the University of Glasgow found that while smoking might be associated with lower overall weight, it tends to push fat into central areas resulting in a bigger stomach – an unhealthy ap ... Jump to full article >>

Upcoming flavoured tobacco ban on NDP docket

Tweet Premier Rachel Notley said Wednesday Albertans can expect news from her government in the coming days about a potential menthol cigarette ban. Legislation banning specific flavours of tobacco products in the province is set to come into force Monday because they are enticing to youth. But the ban exempts menthol, a move that earned the former Progressive Conservative government harsh criticism from Notley’s NDP when her caucus sat in oppo ... Jump to full article >>

British Parliament Votes to Ban Cigarettes With Branding

Tweet The government wants to reduce cigarette sales Cigarette manufacturers in the United Kingdom may be barred from putting their logos on packets by 2016, after an overwhelming majority of Parliament voted Wednesday for the new measure. Under the proposed law, cigarettes sold in Britain would no longer bear logos, trademarks or graphics. Instead, they would be sold in plain, standardized packets listing brand names and health warnings. The mea ... Jump to full article >>

Row over Marlboro-funded research that undermined plain cigarette packs

Tweet A bitter academic row has triggered calls for a leading university to withdraw two key scientific papers sponsored by “big tobacco” and used to make the case against the introduction of selling cigarettes in plain packets. The papers, published by the University of Zurich, analysed the impact of plain packets in Australia. Their findings were widely disseminated in the media and used by the tobacco lobby to make the case that the health ... Jump to full article >>

E-Cigarettes Have Secondhand Adverse Effects

Tweet SAN DIEGO — Almost one-third of adverse-event reports for e-cigarettes are related to secondhand exposure, according to a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis. The numbers are increasing, and complaints are consistent with airway irritation, nicotine exposure, and possible nicotine toxicity. “We need to start to understand these products better, not only in users, where we have very few data, but also in nonusers,” s ... Jump to full article >>

Should I use e-cigarettes to help me quit smoking?

Tweet Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices made of plastic or metal that heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapour that users inhale. The $1.5 billion e-cigarette industry says the nicotine vaporizers are a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco. The World Health Organisation and some regulatory bodies, on the other hand, showed grave concern for people using e-cigarettes and seek more restrictive rules. With these two op ... Jump to full article >>

ITC hikes price of select cigarette brands

Tweet Diversified conglomerate ITCBSE -0.99 % has raised the prices of select cigarette brands like Classic and Gold Flake Kings by up to Rs 10/pack in the wake of hike in excise duty on cigarettes in the Budget. “Prices of select ITC Cigarette brands have been increased and new stocks are expected to hit the market shortly,” an ITC Ltd spokesperson told PTI. Prices of Classic and Gold Flake Kings have been revised from Rs 85 to Rs 95 ... Jump to full article >>